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Vie-Long Peleon Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Red Handle - Barbers Lounge

Vie-Long Peleon Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Red Handle

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Vie-Long Peleón bristles are unbleached and authentic horse mane and tail hairs, sturdily held in a sophisticated red handle. This shaving brush is handmade by a careful artisanal process.

Key Features:

  • Very comfortable ergonomic handle.
  • Designed to create a rich, foamy, lather with extensive coverage.
  • Loaded with unbleached, natural horsehair.
  • Made with 35% mane and 65% tail hair.
  • Exfoliates hairs and skin to achieve a quality shave.
  • Horsehair bristles allow very good water retention.
  • Features a beautiful red acrylic handles so pleasingly to the eye.
  • Creates an incredible lather with minimal soap use. 
  • The face is invigorated by the firm yet flexible action of the horsehair.
  • Overall height: 103 mm, handle: 46 mm, knot: 23 mm, loft: 57 mm.

 Manufactured and imported from Valencia, Spain.

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