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WAHL 5 Star Legend Clipper
WAHL 5 Star Legend Clipper

WAHL 5 Star Legend Clipper

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Corded operation. Equipped with a NEW V9000™ motor, this clipper provides 50% more power than regular electromagnetic clippers. › Features ""crunch"" blade technology for a smooth, clean cut. › High precision carbon steel blade for high performance clipping. Bottom blade features longer teeth, combined with the enhanced taper lever making a longer throw for more efficient cutting. › Powerful yet cool running, quiet and energy efficient. › Adjustable lever varies the taper and texture of the cut without changing the blade. Cuts wet or dry hair.

  • Includes 8 guides.
Key Features
  • Professional Corded Clipper
  • v9000 Electromagnetic
  • The Ultimate Wide-Range Fading Clipper