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6IXMAN Grooming Kit - Barbers Lounge
6IXMAN Grooming Kit - Barbers Lounge

6IXMAN Grooming Kit

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Step 1: Fresh Face: Full Face Cleanser

  • Cleanse your face and facial hair with the Fresh Face Cleanser to allow for better beard growth and to alleviate dry skin under the beard. (100mL)

Step 2: Six Oil: Beard Oil

  • Nourish your beard using 6IXMAN's beard oil, which hydrates and moisturizes all skin types and hair types while leaving behind a manly and subtle scent that will have you feeling like you just won the NBA Championship. (30mL)

Step 3: Power Balm: Beard Balm

  • Shape your beard using the 6IXMAN beard balm. Light enough for the face, but strong enough to use either the comb or the brush to help keep stray hairs in check. (50g)

Choose between the Bamboo & Boar brush that is ideal for a short hair beard, or a Sandalwood comb that is ideal for long hair beards.