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Woody's Just4Play Hair & Body Wash - Barbers Lounge

Woody's Just4Play Hair & Body Wash

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Introducing Woody’s NEW Just4Play Hair and Body Wash. Woody's rich and creamy sulfate free formula makes lather to die for. Using a combination of high tech sulfate free cleansers Just4Play™ Hair & Body Wash sets the standard for shampoo and body wash performance. A unique combination of superior surfactants removes oil and dirt without stripping the skin as it cleanses the hair without stripping hair color.

How To Use

  • Apply liberally to body and damp hair
  • Rinse

Features and Benefits

  • Adds shine and body to dull lifeless hair
  • Woody's exclusive Macro Moisture Complex infuses the skin with deep moisturizers which nurture and soothe the skin with a special blend of extracts equally beneficial for skin and scalp.
  • Macro Moisture Complex: a special blend of extracts to soothe and condition skin and scalp. This special extract blend gives hair body and shine and promotes soft, conditioned skin feel.


  • Equisetum Arvense Soothing Emollient
  • Hedychium Coronarium Root Extract Skin Conditioner
  • Rosmarinus Offcinalis Skin Conditioner
  • Urtica Dioicia Skin Soothing
  • Yucca Vera Skin Conditioning
  • Panthenol Humectant